Our Training

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Our courses are for people who are keen to improve their reading, writing, listening and speaking skills. ANH offers people the chance to learn and practice their English skills in a comfortable, informal and relaxed atmosphere at a low cost. Students will have the opportunity to improve their reading and writing skills for day to day life, for employment or for further study. New students can enter the class at any time (if there is a place available). As a small, friendly and accessible neighbourhood house we are well placed to support your individual learning needs and to assist you in achieving the best possible learning outcomes. The administration and teaching staff will make every effort to provide you with relevant information about course selection and ongoing training options. Students who are experiencing difficulties in any class or program or need any referral information can speak to their teacher or to any other staff member who will make every effort to resolve this.  

Pre-accredited classes are funded through the Adult Community and Further Education Board and are provided for students at minimal cost (phone 9687 9908 for details). Concession prices only apply to self-funded individuals. Organisations providing funding (even indirectly) are not eligible for concession rates.

Materials and amenities fees

Your course fees may include materials and/or amenities fees. You will be notified of any materials or amenities fees before you enrol in a course.

Please feel free to ring and find out more about our classes for yourself, family and friends. People with a disability are encouraged to apply.

ANH also offers short courses in IT Training including the use of basic computing language and skills. For people who are self-taught or have limited experience. Students will learn the basics as well as furthering their skills in Word, Email and the Internet.